As part of Marvel's ongoing efforts to elevate the importance of the Inhumans throughout the Marvel Universe, the company is using its big "All-New, All-Different" reboot as an opportunity to launch several new Inhumans titles.

All-New Inhumans, from writers James Asmus and Charles Soule and artist Stefano Caselli, is basically the Inhumans' answer to those old X-Men teams that would leave the Xavier School to venture out into the world and serve mutant interests elsewhere. Queen Medusa sends her sister Crystal — sporting a fashionable new pixie cut — out into the world with her own team of superhero Inhumans.

Under the cover of being a diplomatic envoy, Crystal and her team will actually function as a covert team scouring the Earth for new Inhumans being transformed by the Terrigen Cloud that's moving across the globe. Marvel says they'll protect the newest members of their race "by any means necessary."

Already announced series Uncanny Inhumans will focus on the palatial intrigue among the Inhumans' royal family, but All-New Inhumans sounds like it will be where the action is. Crystal certainly knows her way around a superhero gig, having served with the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Avengers at different times. She's joined by super-strong warrior Gorgon, Earth-controlling Flint, reptilian Naja and Grid, who can see and control the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The plot takes an unexpected twist with the appearances of "Skyspears" all over the world. Skyspears are huge obelisks that mysteriously appear in heavily-populated areas like major cities, and they can't be harmed or moved. No one knows what they're for or where they came from, and co-writer Charles Soule says that answers won't come quickly.

"[The Skyspears'] purpose is part of a pretty long play, but the All-New Inhumans will definitely be involved with their ongoing story," he said.

"We're definitely directly building to at least two big, big things that will affect the nature of the wider Marvel Universe as well characters near and far outside of the Inhumans," added Soule's writing partner James Asmus.

All-New Inhumans #1 debuts this December.

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