Thanks to the heroics of the crew of San Antonio Animal Care Services, a dog was saved from a cruel owner who doused his pooch with acid. Rosie, a five-year-old pit bull was doused in a highly-corrosive hydrochloric acid that peeled off her skin.

Due to this dreadful act of cruelty, Rosie's ear was dissolved and she damaged both of her eyes. In addition to the injury, she also has heartworm and is malnourished. Fortunately, because of the efforts of San Antonio Animal Care Services, Rosie is on her way to recovery,

"Her call started like many others we get through a phone call from a citizen, an anonymous complaint with some information that a dog needed assistance," Audra Houghton, an animal cruelty specialist said in a statement.

According to Houghton, Rosie most likely has gone for weeks with no medical care for her acid burns after being abused most probably at the end of July.

On Wednesday, the shelter posted Rosie's story online via Facebook and asked the public for donation to help Rosie pay for her eye restoration surgery. Within 48-hours, the shelter received more than what they need for Rosie's surgery.

"Rosie's story has gone worldwide, and the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services has received numerous phone calls, emails, and messages of support from around the world," the shelter said.

Rosie has remained making strides though, and gaining weight as well. The pup, described as "gentle and sweet," has a long way to go before she's fully recovered. When she's healthy enough, she will be eligible for adoption and ready for her new and loving home. 

"Our greatest hope for her is that she can heal and she can find a happy home," Lisa Norwood said, a spokeswoman for the shelter.

Rosie, however, is showing good signs and has been warming up with the shelter's staff.

"Yesterday she was wagging her tail and was giving kisses to the vet techs," Norwood added. "At the end of the day, she's just a dog. She wants toys to play with, a soft bed to sleep in."

The shelter also mentioned that any additional donations will be placed on Rosie's name to help other abused animals recover from human's act of cruelty. 

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