Good news for non-Lumia smartphone users who were hankering for the device's camera capabilities on their handset - the Lumia Camera app now works on other Windows Phone 8.1 devices too.

Until now, the Lumia Camera app was exclusive to Lumia device owners alone. Now even though other Windows Phone 8.1 users who own devices from HTC, BLU, Samsung or LG can now also benefit from the app's abilities by downloading the same and installing it.  

Per a report from Windowsphoneapps, the Lumia Camera app works effectively on devices such as Samsung's ATIV SE and Huawei's Ascend W1.

However, even though Microsoft is making the Lumia Camera app available to non-Lumia branded smartphones from this week, there is a catch - a key feature will be missing. Users will not benefit from the popular Rich Capture feature. Why? As the app for non-Lumia devices is version 4.x and not the latest version 5.x.

For the unfamiliar, the Rich Capture feature is touted as the best thing about Lumia Camera 5.0. The feature gives users the ability to deploy High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dynamic Exposure, and Dynamic Flash. The Dynamic Exposure option lets users click photos and edit them later on so that they can choose the ideal exposure setting.

However, for now it seems as if the Rich Feature is set to remain restricted to Lumia-branded smartphones such as the Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 830, and Lumia 930. Nevertheless, despite missing Rich Capture, the Lumia Camera app version 4.x is a fabulous app to have on your Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone as one can alter the shutter speed or brightness, as well as adjust the focus, ISO or White Balance.

For those owning a non-Lumia device and looking to test out the Lumia Camera app, you can now download the application from the Windows Phone store. The app is free and is compatible with devices running Windows Phone 8.1 and upwards.a

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