The Suicide Squad cast is already rounding out to be a who's who of the DC universe, but the question that is still on everyone's minds is, will the blue boy himself be making an appearance? Superman has been noticeably missing from all promotions and teaser trailers released for the movie so far. As DC's flagship character, many are hoping that he will at least have a cameo role in the action packed movie.

But according to Henry Cavill himself, the answer is a most definitive and resounding, no.

Super bummer. But don't discount any sequel appearances! Cavill is apparently open to the possibility of donning the red cape and S for a sequel when he responded with an "I might be!" when Metro pressed him if he would appear in a second Suicide Squad flick.

Cavill is already signed on for three more films after his debut as Superman in Man of Steel. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will open in theatres on March 2016, and he is also signed on for parts one and two of The Justice League.

Therefore, his non-appearance in the Suicide Squad is most likely due to contractual restrictions. His current contract with Warner Brothers only includes three films. Anything more than that will require representations and more paperwork to lock in the star for more DC Cinematic Universe movies.

Meanwhile, more good news on the Superman front. Rumor has it that Man of Steel 2 will be helmed by none other than Mad Max Fury Road director George Miller. The tidbit of news was confirmed by Jon Schnepp, who directed the documentary, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? however, the studio has yet to comment on the deal.

"Obviously Zack Snyder's doing Justice League one and two, we've got James Wan doing Aquaman... I think George Miller is the perfect choice to do Man Of Steel 2, he's going to bring so much to it," Schnepp said on the choice of Miller to direct Man of Steel 2.

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