For all the outstanding new features of Windows 10, the return of the humble Start menu is one of the most loved things about Microsoft's newest operating system. More than a comeback, Microsoft has actually made an addition to the Start menu.

Yes, there are two Start menus on Windows 10. The first one is the regular Start menu, which offers a combination of Windows 7's classic Start menu and the Metro-fied tile-based Start menu of Windows 8. Here, users get quick access to apps they use the most, the Settings app and Power options.

On the "secret" Start menu, however, users get more access to administrative tools many people usually use but often need to dig under layers of menus and options for. To open this second Start menu, users simply have to place their mouse over the Start button and right-click it. They can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + X to do so. For those using a touchscreen device, they only have to press the Start button and hold for a few seconds to bring it up.

Opening the second Start menu brings up many of the useful parts of Windows 10, such as the Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search and the Run command. Under normal circumstances, these options need to be accessed through the regular Start menu, under All Apps and then inside Windows System. With the help of the second Start menu, users now only make fewer clicks to get to all of these options quickly.

This Start menu also includes Power Options, Network Connections, Disk Management, Computer Management and Command Prompt. It also offers a quick shortcut to the computer's desktop or to shut down the computer or sign out of the account.

The secret Start menu is a not-so-secret menu, since users do not really need to install or activate something to turn it on. In fact, the second Start menu is actually one of the older features that Microsoft has adopted from Windows 8. On Windows 7, right-clicking the Start button gives users only Properties and Windows Explorer.

Still, with the adoption rate for Windows 10 proving to be increasingly positive, and with a whopping majority of Windows 10 users saying they love it, according to Brandwatch, it never hurts for users to know the most useful little tricks that make Windows 10 even better for them.

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