This, folks, is parenting done right! When a three-year-old boy named Henry from New England was old enough to recognize the gifts he would be receiving for his birthday, his mother, Victoria, was worried that her extremely honest toddler would show disdain for some gifts that might not be up to par. So she and her brother, Jeffery Simmons, decided to teach Henry a lesson of gratefulness and opening presents.

The lesson apparently worked so well that even when they tested him a few hours later by giving him gag gifts like an oven mitt and even an avocado, Henry's smile was apparent that made Simmons post it online. The kid's exclamation of, “It's an avocado!” rings full of happiness.

Henry's gracious and joyful reaction shows that you really don't need to give your kids expensive iPads or smartphones. Even just a gift of fruit and veg is enough to keep them smiling.

Simmons' video, which was posted earlier this month, has gone viral and have many wondering and even hoping that little Henry got a few better gifts than his avocado.

Victoria assured everyone via an interview with the Daily News that Henry received some fantastic gifts during his actual birthday a few days later. His favorite of which was a toy Monster Truck.

“He’s obsessed. He sleeps with them,” she says.

But no reaction to any toy Monster Truck could ever be better than Henry's reaction to his avocado gift.

By contrast, have a look at this montage of kids from all over the U.S. by parents who took part in Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube challenge three years ago to give their kids bad Christmas presents then watch Henry's video again to restore your faith in humanity.

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