A digestible pill for hard science has arrived: the publishing house First Second Books is releasing a line of topic-specific nonfiction books about hard science for middle-schoolers.

In a press statement posted on the publisher's blog on Aug. 27, First Second Books unveiled its planned series of science comics, titled, well, Science Comics:

No format is better suited than comics to breaking down complex information and making learning fun. [...] Science Comics' combination of eye-grabbing art and informative scientific facts will make this series an irresistible choice for kids and educators alike, encouraging its readers to think critically about the science in the universe around them. The study of science is an essential part of a child's educational development, and Science Comics will get kids excited to learn. 

The first two titles promised for a spring 2016 release are Dinosaurs and Coral Reefs, with a follow-up Volcanoes due out in the fall 2016 season. Future intended topics include "flying machines, bats, and the solar system."

The 128-page graphic novels will aim for the junior high set, with a goal of becoming a coveted encyclopedic collection, especially due to the rise of visual and spatial literacy (i.e., comics), as the post notes.

Series editor Casey Gonzalez also had a blurb on the matter. "Budding Goodalls and Cousteaus take heed! Science Comics is the perfect series for any curious kid," she wrote for the press release. "As exciting as they are educational, Science Comics gives young readers an introduction to the scientific fundamentals of our universe.  This is a series for the next generation of inventors and innovators!"

Popular Science has an exclusive on some sample pages from Coral Reefs and Dinosaurs -- check them out here.

Via: First Second Books

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