Razer Unleashes Wildcat: $150 Tournament-Grade Xbox One Controller


Similar to the $150 Elite controller for the Xbox One that Microsoft unveiled at this year's E3, Razer announced that it will be releasing the Wildcat, which is its own take on a $150 controller for the gaming console.

The Wildcat is described by Razer as a "pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade" controller that was built with usage for e-sports in mind, with the company even consulting professional gamers in the process of designing the controller.

The Wildcat has four extra buttons on the top and on the rear, along with the standard two analog sticks, directional pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers of the Xbox One controller.

The four extra buttons are two triggers and two bumpers, with the extra triggers being removable and the two standard triggers featuring optional stops which would allow gamers to reach full input much faster.

Gamers can bind every button on the Wildcat to any input that they choose, with the controller featuring a quick control panel for users to easily switch between several profiles programmed into the Wildcat. The profiles can store different configurations for the buttons of the controller, as needed for different games.

The Wildcat also has a 3.5mm audio jack that is the same to that of the standard controller for the Xbox One. The controller also has optional rubber palm and analog stick grips, which can be seen as the green parts of the Wildcat in the image, along with a detachable 10-foot micro USB cable and a carrying case. The Wildcat is a wired controller, hence the inclusion of the USB cable, as Razer is designed for low-latency play that could be better achieved through a wired connection as opposed to a wireless connection.

The weight of the Wildcat is only 0.57 pounds, a figure that Razer claims makes the controller lighter by over 20 percent compared to its rival tournament-grade Xbox On controllers. It is made out of materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum for the trigger, along with reinforced high carbon steel for the Wildcat's analog sticks to protect the device from especially rough players.

Razer is looking to release the Wildcat next month for the same price as the Microsoft Elite Xbox One controller, which will have similar features with the Wildcat but allow gamers to swap out its directional pad and analog sticks.

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