USB Type-C or USB-C cable ports were first introduced with Apple's 12-inch Macbook Air, and have since been widely praised for their sheer functionality. Now that many laptops are adopting the new charging method, it would seem like a natural move to have these ports exist anywhere and everywhere.

Smart travel device company Nomad has launched Roadtrip for any vehicle with a 12-volt socket to accommodate the USB-C cable among others, including the traditional USB Type-A port.

The device packs a 3,000 mAh rechargeable back-up battery and weighs 220g. That's a huge bonus — especially given that the Roadtrip is only slightly more expensive than your garden-variety car chargers. The battery takes about two hours to charge but will always give priority to connected devices before charging itself.

With a scheduled shipping date of October 30, you can pre-order the Roadtrip for $40 ($60 after October 15) here.

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