'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' Has At Least Two 'Silent Hills' Easter Eggs


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is Hideo Kojima's magnum opus, but it might not have been if Silent Hills hadn't been cancelled. Kojima revolutionized horror with the PlayStation 4 exclusive Silent Hills playable teaser (or "P.T." for short), leaving many fans to wonder what might have been had Kojima been allowed to finish working on the game.

We likely will never know the answer, but hints of Silent Hills live on in Kojima's latest project. From what we know so far, at least two Silent Hills related Easter eggs are hidden within Metal Gear Solid V's open world.

The first is the ability for players to use P.T.'s ghost, Lisa, as a distraction. Players can toss out decoys that looks just like the terrifying ghost seen in P.T. in order to distract enemies. She's not nearly as scary as a blow-up doll as she is in her own game, as enemies will casually stroll up to the decoy and pop it, but it's still fun to see nonetheless.

The second Easter egg players have found is a certain radio broadcast, one that will instantly be familiar to those who played the demo for Silent Hills. Find a particular radio in Metal Gear Solid V, and you'll hear a tale of a father who loses his mind and murders his family, thus creating the tormented apparition known as Lisa in the process. It sounds like this is the exact same recording that plays during P.T., right before the real scary stuff starts. You can check out the two videos below to see both Easter eggs in-game.

There is no telling how many other Easter eggs, Silent Hills related or otherwise, are nestled within Metal Gear Solid V. Kojima is known for being tricky with hidden messages and secret scenes. After all, Kojima attempted to pull a fast one with fans by initially revealing Metal Gear Solid V as an entirely different game developed by a fictional studio. Players have already discovered the special birthday cinematic, for example. What other surprises players will dig up is uncertain, but it is almost certain there are plenty more where these came from.

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