Battlefield 4 Contains A Spooky Easter Egg


It looks like Battlefield 4: Night Operations has a pretty spooky Easter egg, complete with some hair-raising, ominous voices.

According to YouTuber jackfrags, a Twitter user tipped him off to the Easter egg — located in a new Zavod map for the game, a night variant map of Zavod 311 called Zavod: Graveyard Shift. The original video featuring the egg was recorded by another YouTuber, Pitbull x. After checking out the video, jackfrags decided to test the game out for himself, recording his own walk-through.

In the video, jackfrags narrates the experience as he knocks down a large metal lighting structure from the outside of a certain building. After the structure falls, what jackfrags describes as "a weird demonic voice" can be heard chanting in the background.

It turns out that the actual words – which were deciphered by jackfrags after he sped them up – were merely someone reading the description from the back of the box of a previous iteration of the franchise, Battlefield 2. 

Check out jackfrags' video and the Battlefield 4 Easter egg surprise below.


Via: Kotaku

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