Google Maps got a neat Explore button last year and now, the latest version of the app is getting notable improvements with curated recommendations.

With the new Google Maps app for Android and iOS, the company aims to make it easier for users to find great places to eat. The updated Explore feature now shows more specific restaurant recommendations, which should also mean they're more relevant to the user's preferences.

The update started rolling out to the Google Maps app on Wednesday, September 2 in the U.S. and the U.K., according to Murali Viswanathan, senior product manager at Google.

With its neat Explore feature, the Google Maps app aims to deliver the most useful, detailed and relevant information so users can decide on the best place to go — whether they're trying to find a specific type of place in their own city or they're visiting some other city.

"Starting today in Google Maps for Android in the US and UK, you'll be able to uncover the best your city has to offer with our updated explore feature," Viswanathan wrote in a company blog post.

Moreover, the app also gets curated restaurant recommendations to help users discover more deliciousness, albeit only users in London, San Francisco and NYC will be able to enjoy that at present.

"Now you can discover what is unique (and delicious!) about the neighborhood you're in — whether it's pre-theater dining in the Theater District in NYC, Dolores Park picnic fare in the Mission in San Francisco or centuries-old pubs in The City in London," Viswanathan continued.

Google Maps not only aims to offer a reliable guide, but also to tailor it to the needs and preferences of the user. Viswanathan pointed out that choosing the best place to go can depend on the time of day, the desired location and the preferred "vibe." Google Maps can help in any occasion — whether it's a quick lunch alone somewhere nearby or a romantic dinner.

Once users select the category they want, Google Maps will offer comprehensive details on various locations. Users can look at photos, get additional details, go through reviews and ratings, and see why a specific place is recommended precisely for them.

Google Maps may suggest a place preferred by other diners who also went to a place you visited at some point. For instance, if you went to restaurant "X," Google may also recommend restaurant "Y," which is popular with others who visited "X," assuming that you may have similar tastes.

The Google Maps Explore feature will also suggest places for a meal based on the time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and your location, in addition to displaying suggestions for visiting nearby neighborhoods. If nothing there seems to suit your taste or craving, you can also check for more places from that area, expanding it to include more locations — or go for another category altogether.

"Never fear, all options for nearby neighborhoods, categories and cuisines are all just one tap away," Viswanathan added.

Although the updated Google Maps app for Android and iOS is only rolling out in the U.S. and the U.K. for now, it should expand to more regions soon enough.

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