Barely a week after Google pushed out version 9.13 of Google Maps, the team is at it again and is pushing out version 9.14 for Android.

The current update to Google Maps is set to bring not only a revamped navigation user interface (UI) that is more interactive; it also introduces a feature called Popular Times, which is a chart that enables users to see how busy a business can get during different times of the day to help them plan their visit accordingly.

The redesigned navigation UI is one of the major changes to Google Maps in recent times. Now, when a user keys in a request for a route, they will get a huge map vis-à-vis the tiny thumbnail which appeared previously. One can zoom and scroll easily, a handy feature when one wants to seek out landmarks or other routes.

The revamped UI also includes more navigation data for the different types of transport methods. Transportation means are now easily accessible as they have been transferred below the location field icon. They now also show the time it takes to travel the route, thus eliminating the need to open each transportation method individually.

There's also a pull-up that serves as a bonus for those who want more information on the route they want to take. The pull-up can be retrieved from the route query section and will provide more detailed information, such as toll roads, accidents, turn-by-turn data, etc.

Some may remember Popular Times, as it was recently introduced to Google search results. Google is moving this feature to Maps. By providing information on the busy operational times of a business via Popular Times, Google Maps can help users decide to visit establishments during less busy and not-so-crowded times.

Popular Times can also use older data stored in Google's servers to provide users information about traffic forecast at designated hours and locations.

For those who cannot wait for the update, the APK file can be downloaded online.

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