In all the hecticness it IFA, we failed to get a close-up look at Acer's flex new R11 Chromebook. Thankfully, we managed to get on the floor a bit early today, in advance of the show's actual kickoff.

The clear standout feature on the little cloud-based notebook is, of course, the big hinge that lets the 11-inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display flip all the way around, so the machine can double as a tablet on a display with built-in stand.

It's a functionality that makes a fair amount of sense for the Chromebook line, which is more about convenience than hardcore processing power – so why not get a little bit of tablet action for your $299?

The tablet's shell is made from an aluminum that actually feels on the plasticky side of things. The keys are also a bit soft, but then, we weren't really anticipating a super high-end product for that price point.

Still, it's an interesting take on the relatively new Chromebook genre, and one that might help open some new applications for a space that's struggled to catch on outside of the classroom.

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