With the release of the heavily anticipated Fallout 4 creeping ever closer, Fallout fever is sweeping the gaming world. From Fallout Pop! figures to mystery minis, a Fallout Loot Crate to the wildly popular Fallout Shelter, it seems gamers can't get enough of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

Now you can add yet another must-have Fallout collectible to the list: Fallout Monopoly. Bethesda announced the crossover Thursday via Twitter.

Details are still scarce about what all will be included. The most important factor to consider when purchasing any Monopoly variant is the playing pieces. We don't yet know what sort of pieces will be included with Fallout Monopoly, but at least the franchise has plenty to pull from. A Pip-Boy piece is a sure thing, as is one of the game's iconic weapons like the laser pistol or rifle. Maybe throw in a stimpack for good measure?

How the game's currency will work is also unknown. Monopoly always uses paper money, but Fallout is known for its bottle cap currency. The most likely scenario is paper money with bottle caps on them, but perhaps the game will go the extra mile and include the coin-like bottle caps instead.

As for the board itself, there are a couple of options. It may focus on locations from Capitol Wasteland as seen in Fallout 3 or it may put an emphasis on Fallout 4's Boston. Or maybe it will feature both and throw in New Vegas locations as well.

Bethesda is saying the board game will be released in November. Hopefully it's before Fallout 4's release, because let's be real — who would want to play Fallout Monopoly when there is Fallout 4 to play. The announcement of the board game comes shortly after a fan-made Fallout Monopoly board made waves across the web. Let's hope the official one is half as cool.

Fallout 4 releases on November 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read more about the game – like Bethesda's response to those who have criticized Fallout 4's graphics – here.

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