Apple launched a new Twitter account Thursday solely dedicated to App Store games. The new feed will be run by Apple's games editors and will feature tips and tricks, game challenges and behind-the-scenes content.

This news comes a little less than a week before Apple's scheduled fall event on Sept. 9 where, in addition to the possible unveiling of the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the company is also rumored to introduce some gaming capabilities to Apple TV. Setting up this new Twitter account could be in anticipation of that move.

The App Store has also been reorganizing the way games are presented. As Polygon points out, the App Store Games editorial team added human curation to the Games sub-sections, such as "Racing," a few months ago, replacing the charts that had previously been automatically generated based on downloads and the amount of money made. With the continued rise of casual gaming and the influx of major tech giants into the gaming space, such as Google with its recently launched YouTube Gaming and Amazon's acquisition of Twitch announced last year, it could be a smart move for Apple to build up its presence in the gaming space and remind users of what's available to them on Apple devices.

There aren't too many other details available about Apple's new Twitter account as of now, but more information is expected to be released Friday, according to Polygon.

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