Disney Infinity's characters have abilities that go beyond the miniscule details mentioned on the back of their packaging. Every single character gets his or her own in-game skill tree, allowing you to upgrade their power, speed, and moves.

We've assembled the following guide to the Disney Infinity 3.0 characters and their best hidden abilities that you're going to want to unlock. Some abilities are more powerful (or just more fun) than others, so if you're on a budget, use this guide to help you decide which characters are your must-haves.

Unless stated otherwise, all of these abilities require leveling-up to unlock.

Something Disney Interactive added for Disney Infinity 3.0's characters is a high jump ability for every new character. Force-wielding characters have Force Jump while classic and non-Force characters have a less-powerful but still upgraded Athletic Jump. We strongly recommend this upgrade in all cases, as the ability to jump higher always comes in handy.

Note: this guide covers only the figures that have been released at the time of this writing. Many more are yet to come (such as Darth Vader, pictured above), and we'll update you on those characters' abilities when they're released.

The Clone Wars Crew

Based on their appearances on the TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, these are the folks that work out-of-the-box with the Twilight of the Republic Playset.

Note that all four Jedi characters come with the Force Dash ability already built-in. As in, no leveling-up is required. Just pull the right trigger on your controller and they'll dash forward a short distance at lightning speed.

Anakin Skywalker

• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
This Jedi ability automatically deflects blaster shots with Anakin's lightsaber. The only catch is that you have to be facing the direction that the shots are being fired from for it to work. Requires quite a bit of leveling-up to reach on the skill tree.

• Sense Your Surroundings » Force Ability
This special move unique to Anakin allows him to use the Force to pull up a chunk of nearby ground and throw it at an enemy.

• Power of the Force » Force Finisher
Anakin's finishing move uses the Force to pull multiple enemies toward him, and then repel them with great strength. (All four Twilight Jedi have a "Power of the Force" move, but the actions they create are different for each.)

Ahsoka Tano

• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
Auto-deflects incoming laser fire. Must be facing enemy shooter.

• Lightsaber Throw » Force Ability
Ahsoka is the only character with the ability to throw her lightsabers at enemies. They immediately return afterward. Can be leveled up to deal greater damage.

• Spinning Salvation » Force Finisher
Ahsoka has two finishing moves, but the first must be unlocked before you can reach the second. This one is a fast lightsaber attack that has her quickly twirl and slice through anything in her path.

• Power of the Force » Force Finisher
Pick up enemies with the Force and smash them into the ground.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
Same as above. Blocks incoming fire if facing it.

• Force Confusion » Force Ability
Obi-Wan's special move confuses enemies into attacking each other.

• Power of the Force » Force Finisher
This finishing move stops enemies in their tracks, stunning them with the Force. Follow-up quickly with lightsaber attacks and you can wipe most of them out fairly easily.


• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
Uses Yoda's lightsaber to automatically deflect incoming blaster fire as long as he's facing the shooter.

• Master In Motion » Force Ability
Yoda bounces between numerous targets at lightning speed, attacking each one.

• Power of the Force » Force Finisher
Creates a Force whirlwind that spins and damages all nearby targets.

Those Rebellious Rebels

Who's up for a little trivia? The four Star Wars Rebels characters that are playable in Disney Infinity sport designs that are based on their appearances in the show's second season, even though they were fashioned before then. Disney Interactive altered their looks to the new designs quickly at Lucasfilm's request.

The Star Wars Rebels characters have no Playset of their own, but can be unlocked for use in both Twilight of the Republic and Rise Against the Empire.

Note: Unlike the Clone Wars characters, Kanan and Ezra do not have the Force Dash ability.

Kanan Jarrus

• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
Auto-deflects lightsaber blasts if facing the shooter.

• Binding Force » Special Ability
Amplifies the power of Kanan's movements and attacks.

• Kanan's Maneuver » Melee Skills
Kanan lifts his enemies into the air with the Force, then shoots them with his blaster.

Ezra Bridger

• Jedi Reflexes » Health & Defense
Blocks and deflects blaster shots with Ezra's lightsaber.

• Blaster Bounce » Special Ability
Fires a shot from Ezra's unique lightsaber (yes, it shoots) that ricochets between multiple targets, stunning them.

• Power of the Force » Melee Skills
An exact duplicate of Anakin's finishing move (above), Ezra's finisher pulls enemies close with the Force before blasting them outward.

Sabine Wren

• Quick Thinking » Health & Defense
Sabine ducks out of the way of an incoming shot using her acrobatic skills, but you have to time it just right.

• Surprise Attack » Special Ability
Drops paint bombs on the ground all around her that can be blown up immediately or later.

• Color Explosion » Melee Skills
A sticky paint grenade that Sabine can throw at enemies.

Zeb Orrelios

• Quick Thinking » Health & Defense
Zeb leans out of the way of incoming fire.

• Cause for Clause » Health & Defense
Unlocks Zeb's ability to wall-crawl.

• Shocking Move » Special Ability
Activates the electromagnets on Zeb's bo-rifle, allowing it to deal much more damage.

• Triple Trouble » Ranged Skills
Quickly shoots three high-damage shots at a target.

Disney's Classics

The classic Disney characters work a little differently than their Star Wars counterparts. Their abilities tend to be less specialized, and there are typically fewer of them. We've chosen to highlight the primary weapon each character uses, as it's the foundation for all of their melee and ranged skills.

Mickey Mouse

Primary Weapon: random comedy objects pulled out of thin air.

• Hey, Pluto » Special Ability
Mickey summons a Pluto townsperson to help him attack enemies. Further powering-up the Special Abilities tab unlocks more townspeople in the forms of Donald, Goofy, and Oswald.

• Gone Fishin' » Ranged Skills
Mickey casts a fishing line and pulls enemies to him.

• Catch and Release » Ranged Skills
Adds a powerful golf club swing after Gone Fishin' for maximum damage.

Minnie Mouse

Primary Weapon: her purse.

• Everybody Loves Minnie » Special Ability
Overwhelms enemies with love and sweetness, causing them to attack other bad guys.

• Projectile Purse » Ranged Skills
Minnie throws her purse, it hits enemies, and then flies back to her. It basically turns the purse into Captain America's shield.


Primary Weapon: Olaf pulls one of his arms off and uses it as a stick to whack enemies with.

• Catching Some Rays » Special Ability
While Olaf relaxes in the summer sun, his opponents spontaneously take damage.

• Snow Storm » Melee Skills
A ground-pound (jump + attack) move that creates a small snow storm.

• Freeze Sneeze » Ranged Skills
Ordinarily, Olaf's ranged attack is to sneeze snowballs at his targets; this upgrade creates a more powerful sneeze that fires Olaf's carrot nose like a ricocheting missile.


Primary Weapon: bo staff.

• Defender of China » Health & Defense
Blocks and repels enemy attacks with the bo staff when timed correctly.

• Staff of Honor » Health & Defense
Adds a bo staff attack after Defender of China.

• Fire Power » Special Ability
Shoots firework rockets at enemies.

• Rising Up » Melee Skills
Mulan launches an enemy into the air and juggles them, causing damage with her staff.

• Soldiering On » Ranged Skills
Mulan sweeps an enemy's legs with her staff after a ranged attack.

Sam Flynn

Primary Weapon: Identity Disc.

• Grid Agility » Health & Defense
Allows Sam to run faster.

• Son of Flynn » Special Ability
Opens the Tron exit portal and releases extremely powerful energy that de-rezes all nearby enemies.


Primary Weapon: Light Staff.

• Light Speed » Health & Defense
Quorra runs faster.

• Light Cable Swing » Health & Defense
Allows Quorra to use her Light Cable like Indiana Jones' whip, swinging from place to place.

• Last of the ISOs » Special Ability
Magnifies Quorra's speed and damage across the board.

Feeling Emotional

The five emotions from Inside Out all throw orbs as their primary abilities, and those orbs can be charged up for more damaging hits. Each one also has a unique talent that's not on his or her skill tree. These abilities, which we've listed below, are necessary to play the Inside Out Playset, but come in handy in the Toy Box, too.


Unique Talent: After a double-jump, hold down the jump button and Joy flutters to the ground very slowly. This allows her to reach distances that are significantly farther away than she could normally travel to.

• Feeling Great » Health & Defense
Joy is one of the few Disney Infinity characters who can regenerate her own health — an invaluable ability — but only after she's been leveled up.

• Wave of Emotion » Special Ability
Releases a big aura of happiness that weakens enemies.

• Share a Smile » Ranged Skills
Joy charges up her orbs to create a unique effect: If she throws an orb at another player, it gives them health.


Unique Talent: Anger can walk on lava without taking damage. Lava means instant death to any other character.

• Wave of Emotion » Special Ability
Releases an expanding field of rage that damages enemies.

• Furious Fire » Ranged Skills
Turns a charged orb into a fireball that explodes on impact.


Unique Talent: Walking on clouds causes those clouds to evaporate under your feet — unless you're Sadness. She is the only character who can walk on clouds without causing them to evaporate.

• Wave of Emotion » Special Ability
Floods the immediate area with hopelessness, weakening enemies.

• Gloom and Doom » Ranged Skills
Charging up memory orbs makes them grow bigger to do more damage.


Unique Talent: Disgust has the singular ability to jump exceptionally high — but only when she jumps from a cloud.

• Wave of Emotion » Special Ability
Releases a wave of distaste that weakens enemies.

• Chagrin and Bear It » Ranged Skills
Charges orbs so they cause more damage.


Unique Talent: Fear runs faster than any other Inside Out character.

• Wave of Emotion » Special Ability
Weakens enemies by filling them with panic.

• Burst of Fright » Ranged Skills
Charging up memory orbs increases the damage they do.

All images courtesy of Disney Interactive.

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