The Microsoft E3 press conference is over, and things are looking great for the Xbox One going forward. One of the best but not surprising showings from this press conference, is Crackdown. This is one of the most requested video games from Xbox fans, and Phil Spencer has done a great job to bring it into the fray.

Crackdown is one of the best open-world video games ever created, and since the second one that was released for the Xbox 360, Microsoft has failed to return to this fairly great franchise. That's in the past, however, because, at the company's press conference, a new trailer was revealed, and we're safe to say that Xbox One fans are excited.

The game will follow the footsteps of the first two games where players can play through the whole campaign via co-op. With Crackdown 3, gamers will get the option to cause massive mayhem and destruction in Pacific City as they attempt to break up gangs, or just following through with the crazy storyline.

The new game appears to be set in the future, since the weaponry and technology doesn't look anything remotely from, what we've seen from the first two games.

Since Crackdown 3 is a Microsoft exclusive, we expect the game to take advantage of Xbox Live's Cloud Compute, which means most of the artificial intelligence will be powered by the cloud. It also means the game could require an always online connection to take full advantage of these features, but that's only wishful thinking for now since not every Xbox One gamer has access to reliable broadband service.

According to Microsoft, Dave Jones, who is the original creator of Crackdown, will be the man behind Crackdown 3. This is great since the second game was a bit of a letdown, so to have the original mind working on the third installment should bode well for the game.

When will Crackdown 3 be released?

We have no idea, but since Microsoft only showed a CGI trailer, we have a feeling this game is far from ready for primetime, and gamers should look forward to a 2016 release date.

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