After Google postponed the release of Android Pay last month, users should take any information about the go-live date with a grain of salt.

What are the changes users of Google Wallet (GW) should expect after the launch of the Android Pay (AP)?

Google says it built AP from scratch with the customer needs in mind. This means users can quickly and safely use their phones to pay in shops, in apps or over the Internet. It is required that they have a U.S. debit or credit card associated with their online account, though. This also allows users to make quick money transfers to friends or family, wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted.

For Android users, GW will immediately transform in AP if the users' automatic updates setting are enabled. Important collectables, such as acquired gift cads or offers will also be uploaded to AP.

iOS users will not have access to AP. Instead, the new Google Wallet App is available in the Apple Store for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or above. The app will update automatically or can be manually installed by the user. In order to continue money transfers, it is mandatory to have the latest Google Wallet app installed.

Both users of iOS and Android Operating systems will be able to use to access and manage their Google Wallet Card or Google Wallet Balance.

Regardless if the user is using GW or AP, there are no fees or costs associated with ordering or activating the card. It costs nothing to transfer money from bank account to balance, but there is a 2.9 percent flat fee when users want to add money from their debit or credit card.

For owners of Android devices, the app permits them to use their phone to pay at contactless payment terminals. Users might want to set up a Wallet pin before that to increase the security of their payment.

A few more notes on safety issues. A virtual account number replaces the traditional credit card data, so transactions remain safe and anonymous. An organized list of purchases that the service provides in real time helps track any suspicious activity. If the worst happens and users lose their phones, they should use Android Device Manager to lock and format the device.

The simplified answer is: while Google Wallet (GW) is a tool for staying in charge of the bank account, Android Pay (AP) is a mobile payment app that allows users to spend money in a safe and easy way.

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