This isn't the first smart bike lock in the game, but what's really cool about I Lock It is the fact that it works automatically. Using a proximity sensory, the lock, which is attached to the bike's frame, automatically locks up when the user walks away, with a metal cable extending from its base and locking up the bike's wheel in the process.

There's also the standard array of smart lock features, including the ability to monitor it remotely and notifications pushed to the user's smartphone, in the event that something suspicious occurs. And, should the battery die on the associated smart device, there's a security code built into the I Lock It to unlock it manually.

The system is also sharable, so a user can set up friends and family with an account, should they need to borrow the bike.

I Lock It will be hitting Indiegogo soon with a preorder price of 149 euros, or about $166 USD.

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