Rugrats. Hey Arnold! Ren and Stimpy. Doug. Angry Beavers. Rocko's Modern Life.

These wacky Nickelodeon cartoons were television staples for tweeners growing up in the '90s. Nowadays, many of those viewers have kids of their own that they'd like to share their old favorites with. But aside from YouTube and DVD releases, episodes of these shows can be hard to come by.

Nickelodeon has heard the cries of its adult fans, and has been quietly working with Paramount Pictures to reacquire the rights to many of those shows that put the Nicktoons network on the map. You may suspect that that means updated versions of the '90s shows could be returning to the all-cartoon network. Which wouldn't be the worst thing.

But it seems that Nick has more ambitious plans in the works. The Tracking Board is reporting that Nickelodeon and Paramount want to bring all of these 1990s cartoon stars together in a big-screen team-up flick. Kind of like The Avengers of cable TV cartoon stars.

The movie is tentatively titled Nicktoons, and its producer Mary Parent is apparently looking at The Lego Movie and Space Jam as influences. She most recently produced the recent successful Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water.

Paramount is reportedly currently looking for the best writer(s) and the best director(s) before formally announcing Nicktoons.

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