In case you're not quite ready to stop celebrating the 30th anniversary of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros., this might tide you over: the U.K. independent website EuroGamer sat down with Shigeru Miyamoto and colleague Takashi Tezuka (also credited as Ten Ten) for a walkthrough of World 1-1 of the game — with a real-time discussion of its definitive impact and the process of achieving epic status in the gaming world.

The duo dropped some fascinating gems, like the innate disparity caused by "Little Mario" and "Big Mario" ("We wanted to figure out a way for players to be really satisfied with the bigger Mario, and so that's actually why we created the smaller Mario first"), the thought process in creating the talismanic object that would transform him ("We thought a suspicious mushroom would be globally understood"), and how the conception of the level led to knowing "what Mario is supposed to be and what the game is about."

Miyamoto also dished on what the first level didn't include — or rather, the revisions that the team made in coming up with the final version of the level, like the decision to introduce the Goomba (in the words of Miyamoto, a "bad mushroom") before the Koopa Troopa, and the originally intended aesthetic look of certain game elements.

Whatever way you look at it, those executive choices ultimately ended up resulting in one of the most important virtual and metaphorical gateways in video game history.

Check out the walkthrough/interview hybrid in the video below.


Via: EuroGamer

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