It's official: box office king Christopher Nolan has decided what his next big-screen movie will be. Not that he's going to tell you anything about it yet.

Nothing is known about the project, not even its title. But it will be Nolan's first film since last year's Interstellar, which brought in $675 million worldwide. The new movie will be his tenth full-length feature.

Nolan seems to have the golden touch at the movie theater, capable of making movies that hit that delicate balance of satisfying critics while bringing in huge cash hauls as well. His best known work is his trilogy of Batman films, starring Christian Bale. Every movie Nolan has done since 2008's The Dark Knight has been a big hit, each one entering the top 100 movies of all time, globally.

Naturally, all eyes are on Nolan — one of the rare Hollywood directors who can get a blank check from studios — to see what he does next. How long can he hold onto his winning streak?

Warner Bros. will produce and distribute the film, which has been slated to arrive on July 21, 2017. We assume that he'll be writing or co-writing the movie as well, as is his custom.

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