Scare Neighborhood Kids This Halloween With This Terrifying Joker Lawn Ornament


It's almost that time of year: that time when people decorate their lawns either making them look cute with adorable black cats and cartoonish-seeming skeletons. However, others create graveyards and scary scenes on their lawns, and this new ThinkGeek item is just for them.

This Joker lawn ornament is not only perfect for celebrating your DC Comics geekdom, but also for scaring the pants off of children who dare step foot in your yard. It's also sure to give the neighbors nightmares as it features everyone's favorite clown prince seemingly crawling out of the ground, knife in hand.

ThinkGeek even has a few suggestions on how best to display the Joker:

"From shoulders up, this DC The Joker Ground Breaker 'rises' out of your flower garden to terrify your trick or treaters," writes ThinkGeek on its website. "It'd be awesome to put him out with a motion sensitive spotlight, so he suddenly appears when they walk by."

This version of the Joker comes courtesy of the "Death in the Family" Batman comics storyline. In that comic, the Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum (again) and Batman believes he has a nuclear weapon he intends to sell to terrorists. In that story, the Joker also brutally beats Robin with a crowbar, so this figure represents him at his most terrible.

The "Death in the Family" Joker Ground Breaker measures pretty large, too: it's 36 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 10 inches tall: large enough so that it's super scary (especially if you take ThinkGeek's advice and use the motion spotlight on it).

Of course, the Joker lawn ornament isn't cheap: at $89.99, it's a bit steep for a Halloween decoration, but who says you only have to use it once a year? You could keep it in your garden and scare passersby all year long.

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