Ubisoft has announced the release of Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical first-person shooting game that involves close-quarter combat. The game, which is based on Rainbow Six, a Tom Clancy novel, will release on December 1, 2015 for PS4, Xbox and PC.

In preparation for the release, Ubisoft will carry out a closed-beta testing later this month. The company is providing those who want to be part of the Rainbow Six Siege's CBT phase with both a great orientation to the game and a fun way to get CBT keys.

"The Art of Siege" is Ubisoft's current promotion for people who want to get those CBT keys before servers open for beta testing. The promotion introduces players the core aspects of the game: siege warfare, target extraction and hostage rescue missions.

"The Art of Siege" has two levels: "Field Training" and "Wall of Tactics." The first requires players to master five strategic situations. Once finished, they will able to gain access to their keys and proceed to the second feature, the "Wall of Tactics," in which players will be able to share a recorded copy of the strategies they chose to employ. The community can then vote on which strategy they think is best — bringing peers and social media influence into a tactical FPS game.

Players can try out "The Art of Siege" and get their beta keys through the promotion's own portal. Note that if the pages get defaulted to Polish or other languages aside from English, you should open it the web browser's "incognito" mode. If this doesn't fix the problem, try deleting cookies and flushing the DNS cache.

Rainbow Six Siege's closed-beta testing opens on September 24 and anyone can sign up. Pre-ordering the game guarantees players a slot for the CBT. It is also important to note that the game will only be released for countries in North America, South America, Europe and Oceania/Australia. Ubisoft is yet to disclose if and when it will release in Asia, Africa and Russia.

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