When Sons of Anarchy ended, creator Kurt Sutter went to work on his next TV series for FX, a period piece called The Bastard Executioner. That show premieres on September 15, but Sutter is already considering launching another.

Sutter is in the early stages of developing a Sons of Anarchy spinoff about rival biker gang the Mayans. In the original show, the Mayans were a dangerous gang based in Oakland, who had hands in criminal pursuits like heroin factories and prostitution. Sutter said it would be a story set in the here and now instead of a prequel. But nothing more is known about the series, not even a title.

Except for one bit of information that came to light today via Deadline. In an interview, Sutter stated, "there [could] be some cool, ironic crossovers with familiar characters as the series progressed." In other words, don't be surprised if your favorite characters from Sons of Anarchy show up on the Mayans show.

The idea, he told Deadline, is to dive back into the biker subculture, but see it through the lens of Hispanic culture. Geographically, he would keep it far from the base of operations of SAMCRO, the gang from Anarchy, so that that show's mythology wouldn't have to be bumped up against.

A prequel to Sons of Anarchy could also happen some day as well, he noted.

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