Arcade machines back in the day were already giant pieces of machinery (most definitely by our standards today). Especially when young, getting access to one required you to stand on the balls of your feet, grasping at knobs and buttons while craning your neck.

Sure, it was inconvenient (that's why the Game Boy became a household name in the late '80s), but looking back, there was a certain kind of nostalgia attached to it. That's the exact kind of nostalgia Jason Chamberis is trying to reimagine with his larger-than-life Guinness World Record-winning arcade machine.

"It brings you back in time," says Chamberis, "to when you were young and a lot shorter — when you felt that cool experience of being in front of a video game."

(Photo : Guinness World Records)

Can a man love the '80s too much? The answer here is a big — 4.41 m (14.46 feet) tall and 1.06 m (3.48 feet) deep — yes.

Chamberis's machine is fully functional and runs over 200 classic arcade machine games. Now, the man is realistic about accessibility too; the machine has a slide-out staircase at the bottom to help people reach the controls — which include joysticks, big red buttons and a 16-inch track ball.

We'll let the video speak for itself:

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