Sony has announced the mirrorless full-frame Alpha 7s II camera that takes the existing Alpha 7s, its predecessor, to the next level.

The previous model had a top ISO of 409,600, which permitted photos to be taken in almost full darkness. The Alpha 7s, however, had a limitation: the only possible way to use it for recording videos was by having an external recorder.

The Alpha 7s II, or simply the A7s II, can now record 4K videos internally (3,840 x 2,160) at 24 or 30fps. Thanks to the full-frame sensor, no pixel binning happens at either 4K or 1080p resolutions. Simply put, it guarantees 4K videos with zero uneven edges.

The 12-megapixel sensor and 409,600 ISO light sensitivity are imported from the previous version of the camera. The A7s II is the first in the Alpha series that can shoot 1080p video at 120 fps with full-frame readout.

S-Log3 is a new mode that accepts 14-stops of dynamic range, the same as a cinema camera. For video recording, you will need to have a UHS Speed Class 3 SD memory card, as it supports Sony's XAVC format at up to 100Mbps. What we know so far is that video is recorded at 8 bit.

The 5-axis stabilization is a novel addition, taken from the Alpha 7 II model. It ensures very little jitter is present when shooting during nighttime or with telephoto lenses. The 169 AF points of the advanced autofocus system provide quick and accurate focusing.

Sony also claims that the incredible ISO sensitivity helps you focus on objects unseen to the naked eye. Manual focusing during the nighttime is easier now, thanks to the introduction of the OLED electronic viewfinder. Its magnification of 0.78x will help photographers get better results while shooting at night.

Buyers of this technology will probably be professionals or avid collectors. The price can set you back a strong 3,400 euros (approx. US$3,800), almost $1,130 more than the previous model.

Many photographers might be dismayed by the low 12-megapixel resolution for stills. For videographers needing 4K quality videos and extreme light sensitivity, the Alpha A7s II will be ready for purchase in Europe this November.

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