Sure, you could watch the movies, read the comics or play Batman: Arkham Knight, but if you really want to come face to face with the Joker then check out this Minecraft server.

Giving players a reason to mimic his manic smile, this Minecraft world lets players explore a Joker-themed land complete with statues of the villain himself sporting his signature grin and devilish eyes.

Created by builders SNIP3RxPC, JazzyZ401 and Plutouthere on one of the servers in the Arkham Minecraft server network, the land has a creepy carnival feel with a Ferris wheel and vibrant colors that include reds, green and, of course, the purple in the Joker's suit.

Along with not one but two Joker statues, the land also has a statue of Harley Quinn. The roads are trimmed with trees and a series of steps leads up past the Joker and Quinn monuments (where the Joker is about to create an explosion thanks to some TNT) to reveal Joker-themed player cards.

It took the builders three days to build the land that pays careful attention to details such as street lands and towering buildings.

Check the Joker-themed Minecraft land in the photos below.

Via: Kotaku

Photo: SNIP3RxPC | Planet Minecraft

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