SH Figuarts Ultron Figure (Finally) Joins Avengers: Age Of Ultron Lineup


Avengers: Age of Ultron released back in May, and since then, we've gotten high-quality SH Figuart figures for Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man. While the figure line is still missing Black Widow and Hawkeye, it's also missing Age of Ultron's defining character: Ultron himself.

That's finally about to change. Bandai (via Toy Ark) has posted the product page for the new figure with pictures and new details, and this figure is certainly intimidating. Standing about 6.9 inches tall and featuring interchangeable hands, this figure is as close to the actual film version of Ultron that you can get.

As seen in the pictures below, the detail is stunning. There are even images of Ultron battling it out with the Avengers. In the film, Ultron towers above the likes of Captain America and the rest, but in figure form, he is roughly the same size as the rest of the Avengers. The figure is priced at about 7,020 yen, or about $58 USD.

The only downside to this figure is that it is slated to arrive in May 2016 — a full year after the release of the film. By that time, audiences will have already seen Captain America: Civil War and be clamoring for collectible figures from that film as well. And if it has taken this long to get a Ultron figure made, the likelihood of Black Widow and Hawkeye joining the SH Figuart Age of Ultron lineup are looking mighty slim.

In other toy news, Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise has officially arrived. With everything from build-your-own lightsabers to collectible figures, Disney is making sure there is plenty of Star Wars to go around. A few figures may even spoil parts of the movie, so be sure to watch out for the toys you're buying.

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