Microsoft fans who were eagerly waiting for the promised release of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 had their hopes crushed when Microsoft announced it was not going to release the build after all.

On Thursday, Sept. 9, Windows manager Gabriel Aul conducted a poll on Twitter wanting to know if people wanted Microsoft to release Build 10536 on Friday or if they were willing to wait until Tuesday. The reason Aul wanted to let Fast Ring insiders decide is Build 10536 is a hotly anticipated mobile build that, for quite some time now, they have been waiting for. However, the build has a minor bug that causes the Windows Store to crash in certain instances, and Aul wanted to know if users were willing to risk encountering the bug to get their hands on the build early.

The votes were unanimous; Fast Ring users wanted to get their hands on Build 10536 early, so Aul promised to put out the build on Friday.

However, as if on cue, Aul and his team discovered late Thursday a major bug that would, without question, prevent the release of Build 10536.

The bug that Aul was referring to was one that would prevent future Windows 10 Mobile builds from installing over Build 10536, thereby cutting off users from the string of preview builds that they signed up for. Aul says the bug is caused by the UpdateGen process that enables the build-to-build deltas, and if they continued to release the build even with the newly discovered bug, it would require everyone to reflash so they could move on to the next build.

Aul promised that he and his team will be working hard this weekend to ensure a cleaner quality build that can be released sometime early next week, so no build today, folks. While a lot of people are pretty bummed out over the delay, keep in mind that this is how preview software goes, and it's a good thing that Microsoft discovered the bug before users were able to get their hands on it. Otherwise, it would have been an even bigger problem if users found themselves unable to jump to the next build.

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