Donald Trump made an appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon but it almost seemed, in parts, that it wasn't him up there at all.

The Republican front-runner has been making his interview rounds since he announced his intentions to run as president of the United States but this is the first time that he's been on a late-night comedy show. For the episode, Trump was in a sketch with Fallon, where they represented two sides of a mirror, and was later on interviewed by the TV show host.

Trump has always been big about himself and that clearly showed in the sketch, where he said in conceit that "Me interviewing me? That's what I call a great idea." And when asked how he's going to do anything? Trump's staple answer was that he was just going to do it. Sure, these lines were for a sketch, but you know that The Donald will have no problem saying these in real life.

The more unsettling part comes during the short interview he has with Fallon. And it wasn't because he's made some statement that combines the absurd and grandiose at the same time. Rather, it was because he didn't, even at one point saying he doesn't want to brag.

Who is this guy?!

At the most, Trump was sarcastic. Which is mild, given he's Trump. He did say he feels terrible about the email server issues Hillary Clinton was having and thinks it's tough. At that point he almost seemed genuinely sympathetic. The GOP presidential debate is also scheduled for next week so Fallon asked him about preparations. When Trump said that even he's a little nervous, there's once again doubt if this is really Donald Trump everyone's watching.

All doubts, however, may have been cleared when the interview veered towards apologies. Fallon asked Trump if he's ever apologized and, while the real estate mogul did flinch for a second, he said that apologizing is great but you'd have to be wrong to do it. Saying "I will apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I'm ever wrong" basically means he's never done it, hinting he's never thought of himself as being in the wrong.

That really was Donald Trump at The Tonight Show, after all.

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