Apple's collaboration with Hermes started way before the launch of the first Apple Watch.

The company has always been known to create products that not only boast of delivering high performance but also of bearing fashionably unique design features.

At the recently concluded Apple event, the company finally unveiled its partnership with Hermes on the announcement of a new luxury line of wearables aptly called Apple Watch Hermes. The new collection is said to carry price tags worth $1000 and up.

Hermes' official site stated, "Apple Watch Hermes is the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard. It is a unique timepiece designed with both utility and beauty in mind. With leather straps handmade by Hermes artisans in France and Hermes watch faces reinterpreted by Apple designers, Apple Watch Hermes is a product of elegant, artful simplicity - the ultimate tool for modern life."

Just like any other endeavor, the Apple Watch Hermes had its own share of challenges to face during the initial production stage. Jony Ive, the company's design chief, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that during the early testing of the Watch, the second loop on the Double Tour model was found to have the tendency to slip under the wearable's sensor which disrupts the device's reading performance and eventually affects its preciseness.

The sensors found in the Apple Watch are designed to work well so long as it establishes good contact with the skin.

Previously at Tech Times, it was reported that the Watch tended to provide inaccurate readings when it is worn by someone whose arm is tattooed.

While removing the tattoo to solve the issue is totally out of the question, the latest challenge involving the new Hermes-inspired Apple Watch seemed to have a more feasible way of solving the problem on hand.

As a way to stop the second loop from slipping, Hermes placed extra padding to a certain part of the band. This way, the device still keeps its fashionable look while continuing to deliver fitness tracking and heart rate monitor functions.

"With Apple Watch, Apple is entering new territory, embracing luxury and the required scarcity of supply that comes with a luxury label," said independent analyst Neil Cybart.

His thoughts were echoed by Thomas Ordahl, chief strategy officer of Landor Associates, who stated, "Apple has always been a luxury brand ever since the rich kids in the '80s had an Apple II. Apple has already pulled it off."

The new Apple Watch Hermes is set to hit the stores beginning Oct. 5, 2015.

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