All-New 2016 Honda Civic Parked In Ann Arbor Leaked In Photos


Images of the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic sedan model were uploaded by a member of CivicX, a community built around Honda's Civic car lineup. The boomerang-inspired tail lights and the glassed-in upper section make for an easy indentification. The design of both are almost indentical to that of the the Civic coupe concept that was presented earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show, held from March 25 to April 3.

The rear lamps and greenhouse aren't the only styling features that were carried over to the production model. The exhaust, which is mounted in the middle instead of being skewed to one side, and the accentuated lines that run on the side of the vehicle were also brought over from the concept model. The alloy wheel spoke design was also ported to the production prototype.

Unlike the concept Civic coupe, however, the spoiler no longer drops down all the way to the side of the rear lights and is now limited to the span of the greenhouse. And based on the taken photos, although the exhaust remained in the same position, the production model is fitted with a more conservative pipe tip.

Most car manufacturers send their cars to established review outfits prior to the release. Ann Arbor houses several automobile-focused publications and the prototype seen in the area was likely sent in advance by Honda to one of the reviewers. Reviews for Honda's releases last year came almost at the same time as the car was unveiled.

In a press release, Honda noted that the 2016 Civic is completely overhauled and "receives the most ambitious remake in its 43-year history".

"[2016 Civic] receives a complete redesign with a decidedly sporty, sophisticated and youthful new look, along with the first application of Honda turbo engine technology to a U.S. model," the Japanese car manufacturer elaborated.

Along with the 10th-generation sedan, Honda will also unveil the coupe and five-door hatchback models of the 2016 Civic. The Civic Type-R, the company's new performance flagship, is also expected to make an appearance at Honda's live online event, which will be held within the compounds of YouTube Space in Los Angeles on Sept. 16, 6:15 PST.

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