Destiny: The Taken King is nearly here, and in anticipation, Activision and Bungie have released yet another trailer for the expansion.

This isn't your typical trailer, however. Rather than show off the game's new cinematics or gameplay systems, this trailer focuses on you. Over on Destiny's official website, players can type in their PSN or Xbox Live name, choose one of their characters and watch as the site manufacturers a trailer based specifically on their character's deeds over the past year. From there, players can share their legendary deeds on social media via Twitter and Facebook, or download it for safe keeping.

Pretty cool, huh? Destiny's marketing tagline has always revolved around "becoming legend," and from this trailer, it looks like all of Destiny's Guardians have accomplished just that. The trailer assigns your character a badass title based upon your deeds before stating that The Taken King himself has learned of you and is looking for revenge. My title was Legion Breaker, for having defeated five Cabal Goliaths. Doesn't seem that impressive to me, but not too bad for having stepped away from the game for the past nine months. You can check out my trailer below.

A lot has changed in Destiny over the past year. What Bungie is calling Destiny 2.0 rolled out last week in the form of a 17 GB update to the game, dramatically changing the game's leveling system, inventory management and quest structure.

It's all in preparation for The Taken King, which will up the game's max character level to 40, add a massive new zone, a new raid, new Crucible game types, a new subclass for each core class and much more. The game changed much in the year prior to its release as well. As detailed in court documents from the legal battle between former Bungie composer Martin O'Donnell and Bungie, Destiny's storyline was dramatically reworked a year prior to the game's launch.

That may explain why the game's story (or lack thereof) threw many players off upon booting up the game for the first time. But that's a problem Bungie is looking to fix with The Taken King, among many others. Be sure to read all about the changes coming in the expansion here.

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