Accidentally turning on Siri is something that almost all iPhone users have probably experienced at one time or another — but it's never happened at the White House level.

In the middle of a question at a White House briefing on President Obama's Iran policy, Siri interrupted the conference to say, "Sorry, I'm not sure what you want me to change," promptly derailing the conference and offering some comic relief during what would otherwise have been a very serious meeting.

It isn't clear whose phone was the culprit, however, the video footage shows a guilty look on the face of the woman to the left of the question-asker, who promptly bursts out laughing.

Of course, it's likely that this kind of scenario will happen more and more often, what with Apple's new "Hey Siri" feature, which allows users to trigger Siri through speaking rather than solely through touch.

Perhaps Siri should be considered to answer questions for future press events, despite the clear bias that the personal assistant has for Obama's Iran policy.

You can see Siri interrupting the press conference in the video below.

Via: The Next Web

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