Nintendo Announces Corporate Restructuring Plans


Shortly after naming Tatsumi Kimishima as president and representative director of Nintendo, the company announced a new corporate restructuring plan Monday.

Nintendo released a chart that shows the change of directors, which will go into effect on Sept. 16, 2015. Most notably, as Polygon points out, Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto, who had been co-running the company since Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata passed away in July, have now been given new titles of Technology Fellow and Creative Fellow, respectively.

See some of the role changes of Nintendo's directors as of Sept. 16, 2015 in the chart below.

Nintendo also released a chart showing the company's new management structure in full, which you can check out over on IGN. All of these new roles also go into effect on Sept. 16, 2015.

In addition, the company announced the merging of several of its departments, according to IGN. Its Integrated Research & Development Division and the System Development Division will become the new Platform Technology Development Division, which will be responsible for the development of Nintendo hardware, OS, development tools and network. The Entertainment Analysis & Development Division and the Software Planning & Development Division will also become one department called the Entertainment Planning & Development Division responsible for creating games, not only on Nintendo platforms but also on smart devices.

Nintendo has also created a new department called the Business Development Division, which will oversee the business model for the video game system and smartphone business as well as any other new business that features Nintendo's IP, according to IGN.

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