New 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Fan Trailer Brings Mel Gibson Back To The Wasteland


Can we all agree that Mad Max: Fury Road was an amazing movie?

Sure, it wasn't the deepest experience in Hollywood, but it's a near-perfect example of how to do an action movie right. It brought the post-apocalypse back into the mainstream film industry while simultaneously proving that you don't need to fill an action movie with overly-fake CG explosions.

Of course, if there was one thing that was missing from the latest Mad Max, it was the actor who helped make the franchise an icon in cinema history: sure, Mel Gibson isn't all that popular nowadays (for good reason), but it was still a little strange to return to the wasteland without the original Mad Max. Love him or hate him, Mel Gibson is part of what makes Mad Max so iconic — it's easy to imagine what could have been if he had returned to one of his most enduring roles.

While we'll probably never see Gibson get back behind the wheel, a few dedicated editors have given fans a tiny glimpse into what Mad Max: Fury Road could have been like had the franchise's leading man returned to the role:

Sure, it's not a perfect transition — transplanting one actor's face onto another is something Hollywood still has trouble with — but it's a little bizarre how easily Mel Gibson's face fits over Tom Hardy's. Again, there are a few shots where the seams are a bit easier to notice, but for the most part, YouTuber Mike B. did a great job of lining everything up.

Who knows — maybe if the Fury Road sequel happens, fans will get to see both versions of Max in the same movie?

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