Bra Of The Future: Intel’s New Bra Expands To Cool You Down


Fused with Intel's Curie module, Chromat's revolutionary bra responds to the body's chemistry to freshen up its wearer during an exercise routine or a lengthy dance performance.

The innovative bra is designed with 3D printed panels. When the wearer's heartbeat quickens and senses heighten, the garment kicks into fight-or-flight mode. The fibers in the garment expand into an hourglass shape through a process known as biomimicry and vents in the band open to cool things down. 

The bra's dynamics are akin to the chameleon's changing of skin color when hunted or the skunk's production of a bad odor when chased.

Designer Becca McCharen has always been fascinated with fashion and technology and has always dreamed of merging the two.

"I went to architecture school so I come to fashion with unique expectations for clothing," McCharen tells Mashable. "Garments should be able to know how your body is feeling and adapt and respond accordingly."

McCharen teamed up with Intel's engineers to create the sports bra made of neoprene, mesh, and Lycra. Resembling a typical fitness top, the bra reveals its unique features when the user perspires and the body temperature rises. The 3D-printed frames cool the wearer by opening and closing built-in vents. 

The outfit is a breakthrough in the design world. Its creators are determined to advance it further. McCharen wants the outfit to stretch and bend with the body, hopefully, with the invention of flexible batteries and soft wires.

She also has designed a dress that sprouts a wing-like carbon-fiber framework when the wearer experiences an adrenaline rush, signified with increased sweating and quickened breathing. Both are part of her Chromat line that follows the idea that clothing should respond and adapt to the wearer, and were part of her spring/summer 2016 line fashion show.

Joshua Walden, Intel's senior vice president, is positive that his company will continue to push boundaries, turning what were once impossible dreams into realities.

Pulling out a small, button-sized computer chip, Walden tells Mashable, "I can't even begin to tell you what people will create with this. It's only up to the imagination of the individual. We love working with companies like Becca's because together we can invent the next big thing."

The bra is currently the talk of Hollywood. Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Madonna are among the bra's first fans, Refinery29 reported.

McCharen is no stranger to Hollywood. She has been a designer to Beyoncé, FKA Twigs and Madonna, Mashable reported.

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