Samsung has been using unique displays, like the dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+, to set itself apart from rivals. A new report claims the company will release a handset with a foldable display early next year.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of smartphone design and features, no one does it quite like Samsung. When the company introduced the original Galaxy Note in 2011, tech critics deemed the device dead on arrival due to its abnormally large 5.3-inch display. Critics claimed consumers would not want to carry or use a device that large, since it was bordering on small tablet territory. Samsung proved the skeptics wrong, its Galaxy Note series have become immensely popular, and that giant 5.3-inch display is now considered small in the ultra competitive and fast-growing phablet market.

Samsung once again showed its innovative prowess earlier this year with the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge and recent S6 Edge+, which introduced customers to dual-edge curved displays. Samsung's innovation scored the company top honors at this year's Mobile World Congress when its Galaxy S6 Edge was awarded "Best New Handset, Tablet or Device."

A new report claims Samsung is about to unleash a new and very unique smartphone that will once again push the boundaries of smartphone design. The handset has been codenamed "Project Valley" and will use a foldable design that features a continuous display on one side, as evidenced in patent illustrations.

According to the tipster, Samsung's foldable smartphone is currently in testing, with one device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, while the other is using a Snapdragon 620 chip. The handsets include OLED displays, 3 GB of RAM, a microSD expansion slot and non-removable battery. The source claims the "Project Valley" smartphone is expected to be ready in January 2016 and could possibly see an official unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February, alongside Samsung's next-generation flagship Galaxy S7.

As always, it's best to take reports of unannounced devices with a grain of salt for now. We'll keep you posted on any new information regarding Samsung's foldable "Project Valley" smartphone as it becomes available.

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