Nvidia is treating players with a new revolutionary gaming experience as it recently unveiled its plan to release next month the GeForce Experience Share Beta which touts to offer new exciting features.

The company said the new tools will include a new in-game overlay, integrated upload capacities, a GameStream Co-op, and more.

New In-Game Overlay

Gamers can access the in-game overlay tool by keying in Alt+Z in-game or in Windows. This will then lead the gamer to the added tools for a more exciting gameplay.

YouTube Upload Capabilities

With this new feature, gamers are allowed to view the saved videos through its "Gallery." From there, gamers can already upload their selected videos unto the YouTube. It is worth noting that they can do all of these even without exiting the game.

Prior to uploading the gamers' chosen clips, this added feature can also allow players to edit videos. Gamers, for instance, can edit out dull moments or edit the start and end positions of the clips.

In-Game "Broadcast" Feature

With this particular feature, players can send their live gameplay to Twitch.

"Sharing your games to Twitch just got easier as well with the new in-game "Broadcast" overlay.  Add a camera or voice chat to your video right from the new overlay and broadcast your gameplay to the world," Andrew Burnes of GeForce shared over a blog post.

Instant Replay

This tool allows gamers to save their last five to 20 minutes gameplay with only a click of a button at "up to 3840x2160 (4K), at up to 60 frames per second."

GameStream Co-op

This new feature will give gamers the chance to invite their friends into the game, through the use of the Internet. This will let other PC users stream the gameplay remotely. Interestingly, the other users can act as a second controller or can even take over the main controls of the game. 

The other users should also need to have GeForce Experience Share as well as a GeForce-compatible graphics card. 

Specifically, both gamers should use an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop graphics card. They may also use a Non-Optimus GeForce GTX 660M laptop card. Using the GameStream Co-op also requires a Core i3-2100 or higher CPU and at least 4 GB of RAM.

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