Windows RT users are about to receive the long-promised and expected update for their OS. Alongside important tweaks and debugs, Surface RT or Surface 2 tablet owners get an updated design that is inspired by Windows 10. It seems that this is the final significant update for the platform.

Windows pointed out that Windows RT is running its final laps, but the new update should allow for a much better user experience. Even though it is still leagues behind Windows 10, Windows RT will get a taste of the newest OS in the form of Windows 10's Start Menu.

The information comes from Twitter, where users who received the update started to post screen shots of the Start Menu at work.

However, the similarity stops at the visual level. Users of Windows RT can now put tiles in the menu and work with the Start Menu by default, instead of the Start Screen. What is certain is that the features of Windows 10 will not be available for Surface tablets and never will. The reason is based on the technical hardware limits imposed by the API and features that Windows 10 relies on, which are impossible to port on Windows RT. For users that have become emotionally attached to RT, there is an option to disable the new Start Menu and revert to the Windows 8.1 style layout.

The concentrated efforts to bring Windows 10 on every possible device from PCs to smartphones and tablets are just another sign that Windows RT is a thing of the past. The opinion is supported by most users, who agree that the OS was an experiment gone terribly wrong.

Microsoft did not disclose all information regarding the contents of the Windows RT 8.1 Update 3, but details are awaited once the update reaches a majority of users. Seeing how Windows RT is near its end, it would surprise everyone if major fixes or highly-improved features were present. However, chances are that Microsoft will give a warm goodbye to the operating system that was the company's biggest fluke to date.

Even if the software company has yet to publicly announce the release of the update, users suggest that KB3033055 is the index you are looking for if you want the feature.

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