Microsoft is continuing to integrate its solutions on other platforms beyond Windows. Earlier this month, the company demonstrated Microsoft Office's integration on iOS during the new Ipad Pro unveiling. This week seems to be Android's turn.

In July, the multibillion-dollar corporation released Send, a free app which brought emails into a messenger interface and thereby, allowing users to enjoy the best features of both. With Send, there's no longer a need to fill up the "subject" field like what most contemporary email user interfaces require. Predefined replies are also available for much faster and hassle-free responses.

With the convenience it brought and the fact that majority of email responses are quite short, the app found its way to universities and workplaces. It also became popular with business entities that have a mobile workforce.

Send debuted as an iOS-exclusive, however, on Sept. 17, in response to Android users that wanted the app on their devices, Microsoft ported the app to Google's operating system.

Together with the Android implementation, Microsoft is also expanding Send's regional availability. The app is now available to users from the United States, Canada, U.K., Denmark and Brazil.

Microsoft also added some really decent features to the app. Users now have the option share their location and make phone calls. Deleting conversations and adding more people to conversations can now be done on Send. Along with these features, direct messages to any member of a group conversation was also made possible.

The bigger news is the app's support for GIF image sharing which allows users to use animated images in their messages. "Sometimes a simple GIF can express more than words ever could," said Microsoft in a blog post.

Unfortunately, Send is limited to people that have business and education accounts on Office 365. In addition, only conversations initiated within the "Send system" will reflect on the app. It will not receive regular emails.

Android 4.2 or a later version is required to run Send.

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