Apple has finally debuted its long-awaited mobile software Wednesday: the iOS 9. Following the release of the operating system version, ad-blocking applications have soared to the top of the App Store's list of paid downloads.

Prior to the release of the iOS 9, Apple announced that the new OS version allows new extensions for blocking content in its Safari web browser. Just after the unveiling event, two apps, which tout to offer ad-blocking capacity, made the rounds of the Internet as they claimed the top and the fourth spots.

Developed by Marco Arment, a former Tumblr engineer, the $2.99 ad-blocking application Peace got the first place in the iOS paid downloads list, beating Microsoft's ever-popular app, Minecraft. Purify Blocker, another app which promises the same ability, garnered the fourth place. The app was created by developer Chris Aljoudi and priced at $3.99. Meanwhile, another content-blocking app, Blockr, which has a $0.99 price tag, claimed the top 17th spot as of Thursday morning, according to a report.

"Web advertising and behavioral tracking are out of control," stated Arment in a blog post he shared Wednesday. "They're unacceptably creepy, bloated, annoying, and insecure, and they're getting worse at an alarming pace."

Users of iPads and iPhones with the new iOS 9 software can simply install these content-blocking third-party apps onto their Safari web browser. Users need to set the browser to block advertisements as they surf the Internet.

These ad-blocking apps can reportedly boost the browser's web performance. However, these apps do not apply to other third-party browsers, for instance, Opera Mini or Chrome. These will not apply to the advertisements displayed in various apps as well.

Meanwhile, advertisers have reportedly argued, according to a report, that if users continue to install ad-blocking apps, it may result to websites charging their users when accessing their web content. This may also lead to the shutting down of many websites, the report points out, as several sites rely on advertisements in order to generate revenue.

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