Rocksteady rolled out DLC packs for Batman: Arkham Knight that include the 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack, which features new tracks and skins from the popular films, as well as the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 that allows gamers to play as Robin.

It was also previously announced that gamers will be able to drive around in the Tumbler, the vehicle featured in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, as part of the DLC pack that will be released this month.

And now we finally can see the Tumbler in action ahead of its release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 22.

In a new episode of Arkham Insider, gamers can see the The Dark Knight Tumbler taking a few spins around the tracks. The Tumbler is all about causing destruction, it being a "complete wrecking ball," with its military tank look. And from this clip, we can see there is no shortage of the amount of a damage that can be done while driving the Batmobile.

The vehicle is equipped with a helicopter that shoots rockets, allowing gamers to set off explosions while driving. The Batmobile can take down pillars and set fires, making driving around the two new movie-inspired tracks visually compelling.

Although the Tumbler batmobile will be available next week, the batsuit featured in the Christopher Nolan movies won't be.

Gamers can download the Tumbler DLC pack on Sept. 22, followed by the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2, which features new Combat Map for Batman, Catwoman and Nightwing and new Predator maps for Batman and Robin on Sept. 29.

See the Tumbler rumblin' through the movie tracks in the video below.

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