Watch This Four-Year-Old Flower Girl School Her Dad on Weddings [Video]


Clearly, fathers don't always know everything. At least that's what this adorable and highly opinionated 4-year-old girl thinks as she feels the need to school her dad on the importance of not embarrassing her as she fulfills her flower girl duties.

Jojo Melino is the star of this candid video and she obviously takes her flower girl role incredibly seriously, as she does not want her father to mess it up for her.

Wearing her red dress she adamantly tells her dad that he absolutely cannot call her name as she walks down the aisle. She will be busy, she explains, so he should not even attempt to call out hers, or anybody else's, name.

Her father asks innocently what if he calls out, “Princess!” instead. But Jojo immediately retorts, “But Daaaad! There's gonna be a bunch of people..” and she explains that if he starts shouting during the march, everybody at the wedding will think, “Who is that dumb person?” and possibly tell each other, he's “not a good daddy.”

So Jojo cares about her dad's reputation and is only looking out for his well-being. Because, obviously, as she says in the last few seconds of the video, he just doesn't understand weddings at all.


This sassy little girl is going viral on the Internet with some saying she'll grow up to be a confident and articulate young lady, while others dreading for how her father will handle her teenage years.

In other videos starring Jojo, she shows off more of her spunky attitude. In a recently uploaded gem where she tells her dad that she is not a princess because she does not wear sparkly "bwacelets."

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