Xiaomi’s Windows 10 Tablet Mi Pad 2 Reportedly Set For Launch Alongside Mi 4c On Sept. 22


Xiaomi is reportedly preparing to launch the new Mi Pad 2, its Windows 10 tablet, on Sept. 22 at a launch initially believed to be exclusive for the mid-range smartphone Mi 4c.

In fact, the fast-growing Chinese company has just passed through the regulatory hurdles in the country. Its rumored tablet has been seen in the Chinese 3C Quality Certification Center, suggesting that the device is now ready to be launched into the bigger consumer market.

GizmoChina reports that the Mi Pad 2 has the model number 2015716, which, unfortunately, does not really tell us anything about what the new device could offer. It is also described as having 5.0 volts, rated at 2A, which could point to information about the tablet's charger. The listing also tells us that this is placed under the Tablet PC category, which hints at the earlier rumors we have already heard about the Mi Pad 2.

Specifically, it is believed that the second-generation tablet from Xiaomi will run on Windows 10, according to IHS analyst Pan Jiutang.

This isn't surprising, since Xiaomi has already confirmed that it is testing Windows 10 on its devices, including its smartphones and tablets. We still don't know, however, if Xiaomi will create two variants of the Mi Pad 2, one that runs on Windows 10 and another on Android Lollipop, or whether it will make a dual-boot tablet that will allow users to switch between both operating systems at a single tap, as we reported earlier.

Rumored specs for the Mi Pad 2 include a 14-nm processor from Intel, presumably to provide enough power to run Windows 10, 4GB of RAM and a 13 MP back camera. The display is said to be at 10 inches, with a Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. No word yet on the price, but Xiaomi is known for selling high-quality devices at low prices.

Along with the Mi Pad 2, Xiaomi is also expected to unveil the Mi 4c, a mid-range smartphone with more-than-decent specs. Notably, the Mi 4c is believed to be the very first smartphone to include support for USB Type-C. However, Xiaomi is expected to sell only 100,000 units of the Mi 4c, and it is unknown whether the handset will ship to U.S. shores.

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