While the smartphone industry has been growing continuously with more and more players entering the scene, there are two names that managed to stand out and remained each one's favorite critic.

Owners of the iPhone will always believe that their device is the best in the market. Android fans will never think about switching to iOS as they strongly declare their loyalty to everything that comes from Google.

A survey conducted by the team at Yahoo research revealed that in reality, there are a lot of things that iOS and Android users share in common although neither of them are willing to admit it.

The survey was participated by 1,000 mobile device owners and covered a number of topics. Half of the people that were interviewed turned out to be iOS users while the other half use Android.

Let's take a closer look at the results.

Demographic difference. Based on the survey, iPhone owners seemed to be better educated and gave the impression that they make more money. Android owners, on the other hand, seemed to be slightly older and tend to come mostly from the East or the Midwest. Politically speaking, the two groups appear to be more or less identical.

Pet preference. When choosing a furry companion, more iPhone fans tend to choose cuddly puppies (62 percent) than Android owners (56 percent). However, the latter are more kitten lovers, with one out of three saying that they would love to have adorable kittens as compared to Apple fans wherein only 25 percent of them said that they have affinity for anything feline.

Music. When asked which one type of music they would listen to if they are stranded on a desert island, over half of the respondents said that they would choose listening to some rock 'n' roll as they pass the time waiting to be rescued. Apple users, however, are slightly more of classical lovers (16 to 13 percent) while Android users seem to prefer hip-hop more (13 to 8 percent).

Cars. After they were given four different sets of wheels to choose from, four iPhone owners out of ten have chosen a chauffeur-led town car. Only a third of Android owners showed that they will do the same. In particular, the Ford 150 pickup is the choice among 25 percent of Android users as compared to 19 percent of iPhone fans. Riding a Harley seemed to be unpopular between the two groups with only nine percent saying that they are willing to ride one while six percent have chosen riding a bicycle.

Ringtones. In choosing which ringtone sounded like an extension of the national anthem, 35 percent of Android users preferred the 1960's classic "Born to Be Wild" of Steppenwolf as compared to 32 percent of Apple owners. In the meantime, 39 percent of Apple owners chose "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen. Only one in six smartphone users said that they like the Boss' "Born to Run" or Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

Fast Food. If there's one thing in common between the two groups, it's the love of pizza with over half of them saying that they really love their pizza to be filled with pepperoni. A little more than a third of each group said that they like Chinese food while Apple users are bigger fans of sushi.

Other criteria for comparison include junk food, liquid refreshment, sci-fi fandom, sports and even superheroes. Both camps agree on Nacho Cheese Doritos and Double-Stuff Oreo cookies for their junk food while having a cool frosty beer as they go to beverage to wrap up a long hard day. The respondents also picked Superman (37 percent overall) over Batman (25 percent) as their superhero of choice.

When asked on how they will use their superpowers, Apple fans said that they will use it to stop crime while Android users opted to use it against evil dictators.

They were also asked on how they would use their superpowers on a selfish note. At least 35 percent of both groups responded that they would use it to gain wealth, success and happiness for themselves, their loved ones and their friends.

Over all, two-thirds of smartphone users said that they will use their superpowers to do something good.

In other words, it's not impossible for the two groups to get along after all.

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