Batman Day is this coming Saturday, Sept. 26, and though it's likely you celebrate the existence of the Dark Knight every day of the year, here's your day to go especially crazy. That's because Batman Day has now become an annual celebration of all things Batman where fans can honor the iconic character all over the place with festivities happening at comic book shops, bookstores, schools, libraries and participating retailers all across the country.

DC Comics kicked off the celebration a little early last week with the release of three GIFs that recreate classic comic book covers featuring Batman himself. But these GIFs are not just any GIFs. Oh no. DC Comics has also given these comic book covers the 8-bit treatment, making Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin look like they could fit right in any classic arcade game.

These 8-bit GIFs first debuted on the official Instagram account of DC Comics, but you can also view them all below along with the original comic book covers on which they are based. They'll probably make you want to read these comics again and also wish for a new full-length 8-bit Batman video game to be released sometime in the near future.

Batman #1 (Spring 1940)

Batman #9 (February/March 1942)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Vol. 1 #1 (February 1986)

Via: DC Comics

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