When it comes to video game trade shows, E3 is typically the first to come to mind. After that, it'd typically be shows like GamesCom or the Game Developers Conference - but there's one other show that most certainly deserves your attention.

For the past few years, the Tokyo Game Show has been something of a smaller show. That's not to say that there aren't enough people attending, it's just that any announcements made at the show tend to be on the smaller side.

However, when it comes to the 2015 show, that's just not the case: this year's TGS was packed to the brim with huge announcements as well as some major updates - sure, it wasn't quite as big as E3, but if you've been ignoring the gaming news out of Japan these past few weeks, you've been missing out.

Not to worry: if you missed out on Tokyo Game Show 2015, we've got five of the biggest headlines from this year's show.

And, while Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Final Fantasy XV had some great (if somewhat confusing) trailers, they just didn't make the cut.

So, without further adieu, here are the top five highlights from Tokyo Game Show 2015:

Gravity Rush 2 announced, Gravity Rush headed to PS4

The original Gravity Rush was one of those games that was doomed by its platform. Despite being a unique, beautiful game, it never sold well - mostly because it was stuck on Sony's less-than-successful PlayStation Vita. If there's any game that deserves a second chance on a more successful console, it's Gravity Rush - thankfully, that's exactly what's happening. Gravity Rush is being reworked and remastered for Sony's PlayStation 4; it'll be hitting the PS Store in February 2016.

But, as they say, that's not all: Gravity Rush 2 was also announced alongside its remastered predecessor, and it'll head stateside sometime next year. Details on the sequel are still few and far between, but if its debut trailer is anything to go by, Gravity Rush 2 will be just as beautiful as ever.

Metal Gear Online debuts

Fans are still sneaking their way through Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but that's not stopping Konami from launching its online component. It's been a long time since gamers have gotten a chance to see Metal Gear Online in action, but the wait was worth it: for the first time ever, fans got to see exactly what MGO is all about.

Frankly, it's looking great: the fantastic presentation from The Phantom Pain carries over into MGO, but the addition of other human players (and a host of new gadgets) ratchets up the intensity even further. The only multiplayer mayhem fans have seen from Metal Gear Solid V are the Forward Operating Base multiplayer matches, but those are one-on-one affairs - if you've been waiting for Metal Gear multiplayer on a much larger scale, Metal Gear Online won't disappoint.

PlayStation 4 price drop announced (in Japan)

At this point, Sony's machine is well ahead of its competition in terms of sales...but it's also the most expensive machine on the market. The Xbox One price drop helped close the gap quite a bit, and helped Microsoft dominate 2014's holiday season - and it's starting to look like Sony may be taking a page from Microsoft's book.

As part of its TGS 2015 press conference, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4's first price drop would come later this year...in Japan. While Western gamers shouldn't get excited quite yet, it's definitely a good sign: if Sony is willing to drop the console's price when it's this far ahead of the pack, there's a good chance that a universal price cut may be on the way. It's still too early to tell, but with the Christmas season fast approaching, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see the PS4 drop to (at least) $350 soon.

Dark Souls III footage and release date finally revealed

Fans have known about Dark Souls III ever since E3 2015 - however, aside from a single trailer, no one outside of the industry has seen the game in action. Thankfully, that finally changed at TGS 2015 when From Software finally released Dark Souls III footage online.

For anyone wondering if Dark Souls could possibly recover after its disappointing sequel and the psuedo-reboot Bloodborne, don't worry: Dark Souls III looks like a perfect blend of new features and heading back to the drawing board. Weapons, magic, combat, enemies, environments - everything in Dark Souls III is looking great. Plus, it wont' be that much longer before fans can finally get their hands on the game, as From Software announced that Dark Souls III will hit stores in April 2016.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters revealed

Speaking of From Software, the developers had a busy week: not only did Dark Souls III finally get a proper reveal, but the first major expansion for Bloodborne also made its grand debut.

Dubbed The Old Hunters, Bloodborne's first DLC looks to fix most of the game's lingering issues. First and foremost, From Software revealed a slew of new weapons, with each looking better than the last. New bosses and environments were also revealed (including some major story elements), and it even looks like From Software will have players revisiting old areas with new enemies - if you've played Bloodborne since its release, The Old Hunters should be just what the doctor ordered.

This year's Tokyo Game Show was absolutely huge - while it's been more of a niche trade show in recent years, TGS 2015 was packed with massive reveals and big updates. It's still not known for being quite as big as E3 or GamesCom - but, if the show's 2015 outing becomes the norm, that might not be the case for much longer!

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